Watch Ashton Kutcher Remodel His Childhood House for His Mom


Ashton Kutcher sure loves his mama!

The 37-year-old actor appears to have traded in his Punk'd hidden cameras to go a little more "home makeover," on the show My Houzz -- for the home decorating media company Houzz -- where he's taken up the task of renovating his childhood home for his mother.

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Ashton says he built the house with his step-dad when he was just 13, and that while it was the perfect place to grow up, the whole family has moved on and grown out of it.

Ashton wants to retrofit the basement to how his mom lives today -- especially now that she's a grandparent to he and Mila Kunis' adorable baby Wyatt Isabelle.

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You can watch the first part of the video here! Have at it.

To watch the rest, you have to sign up for a Houzz account, because even when Kutcher is doing something nice for his mom, he's inevitably trying to market you something.

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Now watch Ashton & Mila photobomb like pros!