Awkward? Wheelchair-Bound 'Price Is Right' Contestant Wins a Treadmill


In a Kanye-esque blunder, the Price Is Right made things very awkward for a contestant in a wheelchair during Tuesday's episode.

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A woman named Danielle Perez was lucky enough to be selected to compete on the show, make it to the stage with host Drew Carey and win her pricing game, which sent her home with a sauna and a treadmill, but the latter prize came with a boatload of irony as Danielle is without the use of her legs.

According to CNN, Danielle, a comedian, has been in a wheelchair since 2004 after being injured in an accident.

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"Every member of The Price Is Right studio audience has a chance to be selected to play," CBS explained to CNN. "Prizes are determined in advance of the show and are not decided based on the contestants."

Danielle carried a good attitude about the situation and posted some good-natured tweets later in the day.

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This follows last month's gaffe when one of the show's models prematurely awarded a free car to a contestant.