McDonald's Gives the Hamburglar a 'Sexy' Reboot -- See the Creepy Pics


This makes us deeply uncomfortable.

First, there was the fashion line. Then the all-day breakfast. Maybe even kale, and now McDonald's is back with another bold step of McMarketing -- they're bringing back the Hamburglar, and they've updated his look.

This is Hamburglar 2015.

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For some reason he has a family and is cooking burgers not at McDonald's.

The relaunch is in support of McDonald's new Sirloin Third Pound Burger. We are at a total loss for how to feel about it.

Definitely uncomfortable.


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He kinda creates an entirely new problem for us.

And reintroduces questions that should have been raised decades ago.

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Alright, if you need us, we'll be stress-eating some hamburgers while we decide how to feel about this.

As we sort out our thoughts, watch Harry Styles' cutest moments from the year proceeding his 21st birthday.