Rihanna Has Now Been Nearly Every 'Mario Party' Character -- See The Pics!


It's a MaRiRi party!

Imgur user Ranzok posted basically undeniable proof that 27-year-old pop artist Rihanna has been dressing up as Mario Party characters this whole time.

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If you don't believe us, you just haven't seen the photos yet.

She's got Daisy on lock.


Princess Peach is dead on.


Mario is so perfect she had to have planned it.


Toad is everything you've ever wanted it to be.


Yoshi is passable.

Boo is pretty good.


Bowser's a stretch but we've come too far.


And while we're reaching, we'll just contribute her Bridesmaids dress as a passable Waluigi

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Now it all makes sense... Rihanna sings about "Diamonds in the sky," meaning stars. And stars are what you COLLECT in Mario Party!!

You tried to tell us RiRi, you tried to tell us all along.

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