Tyra Banks Told Her Mom the First Time She Had Sex

When Tyra Banks says her mom Carolyn London is her closest friend, she isn't kidding.

When Tyra Banks says her mom Carolyn London is her closest friend, she isn't kidding. The former model and current America's Next Top Model host revealed to ET that there's nothing she can't talk to her mother about.

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"I was able to tell her the first time I had sex," Tyra told ET's Nischelle Turner.

Carolyn's response may have been even more surprising.

"It made me laugh, because when it happened she said, 'You were sitting on my shoulder,'" Carolyn said.

It was no laughing matter when Tyra opened up about her first heartbreak.

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"My mother had to feed me chicken soup," Tyra said. "This is when I was modeling. I lost a lot of weight because I just could not eat."

While Carolyn let Tyra get her cries out at home, she refused to let it interfere with her daughter's career.

"I had a Victoria's Secret job booked and I said, 'Mom, I can't go,'" Tyra recalled. "She shook my arms and she took my face and she said, 'My daughter will never miss work for a man. Pack your bags, and I'll be there with you.'"

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Tyra's special relationship with her mom really began to blossom when her mother split from her father Donald Banks when she was just six years old. As Tyra got older, she was bullied for her size after growing three inches and losing about 30 pounds.

"The school called me and thought that she had an eating disorder, which I knew she didn't," Carolyn said. "She was eating like a horse."

It has yet to be seen whether Tyra, 41, would have as close a relationship with her children, as she's not a mom yet, but she assured Nischelle that she sees herself having kids in the future.

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