Kylie Jenner Defends Fried Chicken Snapchat

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Kylie Jenner set the record straight today!

She was not, as many people had assumed, saying she was "high as f---" in a recent Snapchat video. According to her Twitter, she was calling the Popeye's chicken "good as f---."

NEWS: Did Kylie Jenner Say She's "High As F*ck" in This Snapchat Video?

"I did a snapchat saying my chicken was 'good as f*ck' eating Popeyes for the 1st time," Kylie tweeted Saturday morning, "And apparently people think I said high as f*ck."

"I did NOT say that," she clarified.

She continued in another tweet: "Sorry to disappoint everyone who thinks I'm this wild child. The media is mean & I try not to look @ it. So sorry 4 the late statement."
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Here's the original Snapchat video:

She's on an airplane (reportedly with boyfriend Tyga) in the video, so some people thought she was joking about being "high" up in the air. But evidently it was just really great chicken!

See the fan reactions to her Snapchat: