Hugh Jackman Joins the 1,000 Lb. Club

Getty Images

Hugh Jackman is showing off his Wolverine strength!

The X-Men actor has us all wondering if he's actually more mutant than human after lifting 1,000 lbs in one routine on Saturday.

Jackman, 46, did a 355 lb. squat, a 235 lb. bench press and a deadlift of 410 lb. to achieve the feat.

Here he is lifting the deadlift that officially made him a member of the 1,000 lb. club.

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WARNING: This video has NSFW language as the crowd cheers him on during the deadlift.

And after lifting what must have felt like the weight of the world within a three hour time span, he got a t-shirt to show off the accomplishment.

While it's not the Emmy, Tony or Golden Globe that he's used to getting, this t-shirt obviously comes with some serious bragging rights too!

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Congrats, Hugh!

Check out the video below to see Hugh explain more of his Instagram habits.