Wait, What?! This Woman Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Gave Birth on a Plane


We've got a baby on board.

This was NOT covered in the airline safety information!

You have to think that an aircraft in the sky over the PACIFIC OCEAN would be one of the less ideal places to have a baby, now imagine you had no idea you were pregnant.

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We know.

Well, That's exactly what happened to Ada Guan on a flight from Calgary to Tokyo.

CTV News
in Canada reports that the 23-year-old was 37 weeks along when she went into labor towards the end of the flight, despite recently visiting a doctor who did not detect the pregnancy. A doctor on board helped deliver the baby, named Chloe, with Ada's boyfriend of one year Wesley Branch by her side.

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Wesley's mother tells CTV that she was in disbelief when she got the call from her son.

"I said, 'What, how could this happen? She wasn't pregnant!'" said Sandra Branch "Well, it turns out she was."

Not forgetting the little things, Ada was bumped to business class for the delivery. You just know some snarky person sitting in coach joked about how their frequent flyer miles can't do THAT.

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The airline confirmed that Ada and Wesley made it safely to Tokyo with their newborn daughter.

Congrats to the new mama, daddy, and baby Chloe! Here's hoping that customs isn't a total nightmare for you now that a whole new little person has arrived in Tokyo.

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