David Beckham Has the Unique Honor of Having Been Playfully Burned By Stephen Hawking

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Stephen Hawking has jokes!

David Beckham may have made a career out of scoring goals, but after his first meeting with Stephen Hawking, we've gotta give points to Stephen.

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The 40 year-old soccer star posted a photo on his Instagram -- something we are all thankful exists now -- after spending some time with the world-renowned theoretical physicist, writing, "It was an absolute honour to meet Professor Hawking. What he said to me was truly amazing."

Of course, Hawking had the most brilliant thing to say.

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"I'm always being compared to you as a British icon and sometimes you rate higher and sometimes I do," said Hawking.

Ha! That is totally what Stephen Hawking would say upon meeting David Beckham in an Aaron Sorkin movie. It's almost too perfect!

This has given us severe British icon goals, despite being neither British, nor icons.

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Stephen Hawking has been kind of killing it in pop culture lately, too. He recently took to hologram form for a Sydney Opera House lecture where he assured solemn One Direction fans of what they knew all along -- that there may well be a universe out there where Zayn Malik is still in 1D and also WE'RE MARRIED SHUT UP THE GREATEST MIND OF OUR TIME SAYS IT'S POSSIBLE.

What were we talking about? Right. The Theory of Everything 2: Hawking Meets Beckham. Written by Aaron Sorkin. You're welcome, Hollywood!

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