Selena Gomez Slams Online Bullies: 'People Are So Mean It's Exhausting.'

She also shares an album update!

Selena Gomez
is SO over bullies!

The 22-year-old singer took part in a live Google Hangout on Wednesday to promote her newest Adidas Neo Label collection. Selenators from Prague, Berlin, and Warsaw joined via satellite to ask their hero some heartfelt questions.

When one fan asked Selena, “If you could change one thing in the world what would you change and why?” she didn't even hesitate before answering, “Bullying… I’d get rid of bullying. People are so mean it’s exhausting.”

She explained, “I would deactivate every single comment on any social media. I think that you should have an email where you can send in questions but you should be able to post what you want, say what you want, be what you want without anybody judging you or making you feel like your self-value is from an Instagram post or from people liking your post. People get so affected by that and I would change that.”

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After the “I Want You To Know” singer showed off her gorgeous bikini bod in a pink two-piece in Mexico, she received harsh criticism about her weight from body-shamers.

We think SG has been looking amazing lately – and she’s clearly happy with her appearance too. Last month, Selena shared a swimsuit photo on Instagram, seemingly in response to the pink-bikini critics. She captioned the pic, “I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove.”

During Sel’s Google Hangout, she also shared an album update, noting that she’s been tirelessly working on her follow-up to Stars Dance and hopes fans will get a chance to hear her new tunes “soon.”

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“This year is really, really exciting…,” she gushed. “I’ve been endlessly working on my new album that’s almost, kind of close to being done… I’ve been working in Mexico, I’ve been in the studio constantly. I am so anxious for you guys to see everything and hear everything… just know that it’s the best that I’ve ever done and you guys won’t be disappointed.”

To check out Selena flaunting her stellar bikini bod, watch the video below.

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