TMI! Alan Thicke Has Sex to Son Robin Thicke's Music

This is disturbing.

It's the ultimate TMI from Alan Thicke.

The former Growing Pains star and his wife Tanya Callau, 40, got candid about their sex life, and warning, this might just make your ears explode.

Callau admitted that she and her husband have sex to his son Robin Thicke's music. "When we do get freaky, we love 'Sex Therapy,'" she told Us Weekly.

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And how exactly did Alan's son respond to this news?

Robin's album, Sex Therapy: The Session, came out in 2009, and in 2010, the singer told British magazine Blues and Soul that the album's influence was his ex-wife Paula Patton.

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"It stemmed from me thinking about what a woman really needs at the end of the day," he explained. "And from there I began thinking about my wife and what SHE really needs when she’s frustrated or having trouble with her family, or her work or whatever…And I came to the conclusion that a little bit of sex therapy goes a long way!"

Hmm, like father, like son?

Check out the video below to see Robin Thicke appear on Alan Thicke's reality show Unusually Thicke.