Prince Harry Has an Adorable 'Cinderella' Moment With Little Girl

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess!

Prince Harry is melting our hearts.

During a visit with locals in New Zealand on Friday, the 30-year-old royal shared a sweet moment with a "a little Cinderella."

In an adorable pic on Kensington Palace's Instagram, Harry proves to be a true Prince Charming as he kneels down with the girl's shoe and is ready to help her put it back on.

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After a month-long secondment with the Australian Defence Force, the redheaded royal has been appreciating the culture of New Zealand while on tour. On Wednesday, he showed off his dance moves while performing a traditional Maori haka war dance alongside New Zealand troops.

WATCH: Prince Harry Performs a Traditional War Dance 

And while he's been having some fun Down Under, there's another little Princess waiting to meet him back home in England -- Prince William and Kate Middleton's newborn daughter Charlotte, of course.

"She is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to meet her," Harry said in a statement shortly after the birth of his niece

It's hard to believe that this royal is still single!

Recently, he revealed that he would "love to have kids right now" in a candid interview with Sky News. Watch below: 

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