OMG! 11 Worst Celeb Word Tattoos

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We're all for expressing yourself with body art. It's your body, after all -- do what you want with it!

The thing is, some celebrities express themselves really badly. It's not our fault. We didn't tell them to get seemingly epic phrases or misspelled words inked on their bodies forever -- but that doesn't mean we can't share these tats with you in all their glory.

Here are 11 of our favorite terrible word tattoos, letter-by-letter:

1. Justin Bieber

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How could we not start this list with The Biebs? He's only 21 and already covered head-to-toe in permanent ink, and most of it is pretty terrible -- especially his behind-the-ear "patience" tattoo.

We have so many questions: If you need a moment to remind yourself to breathe, how will you see this reminder if it's on the side of your neck? Did the word not fit anywhere else? And what's with the type? Sure, the Gothic lettering goes with the rest of his baller tattoos, but hard knocks and patience don't gel that well. Unless you're going for irony. In that case, you done good, kid.

2. Hayden Panettiere

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The new mom got the phrase "live without regrets" tattooed on her back in 2009. A lovely mantra, really, but there was one major problem: She had it written in Italian, and it was misspelled. Ironically, she regretted the ink and began getting it removed in 2013. At least we know the first subject Hayden will teach her baby girl Kaya: Spelling.

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3. Kesha

At least this one's hidden. Back in 2012, the "Crazy Kids" singer got “Suck it!” written on her inner lower lip in all caps. It's hard to tell who's really being dissed by this tat, but it does give new meaning to the 28-year-old party girl's (rarely updated) Tumblr blog, "Put Your Beard in my Mouth."

4. Miley Cyrus

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This happy hippie has a quote from Theodore Roosevelt’s 1910 speech "Citizenship in a Republic" on her lower left arm. The script reads "so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who never know victory nor defeat." It's a great phrase, inspiring even, but who needs a book tattooed on their arm? It looks bulky and less eloquent than we assume Miley intended it to be.

The 22-year-old singer got the tattoo in July 2012, and then-fiancé Liam Hemsworth followed suit three months later. He had the line directly preceding the one on Miley's arm -- "if he fails, at least [he] fails while daring greatly" -- inked on his inner left bicep. Liam's tat is missing the second "he," so it really doubles down on the bad tattoo concept.

Speaking of bad, Miley also has that very word tattooed in red ink on her right middle finger. She's a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but we solely appreciate this for giving a nice bonus visual to our entire point about words and bodies and silliness.

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5. Courtney Love

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Even the troubled rockstar had to justify getting "Let It Bleed" inked on her right arm. While that is the title of a Rolling Stones song, Courtney says the tattoo isn't exactly an homage to one of her favorite bands. "The song's horrible and I know it," she told Rolling Stone magazine in 2013. "I absolutely loved the title [on] that [specific] night, and I got a tattoo because I was in all sorts of psychic pain. I did it for the reasons that you are supposed to get a tattoo; which is you are really just sobbing and you need to feel some pain."

There are a few other reasons to get a tattoo, but we do see what the former Hole frontwoman is saying.

6. Chris Andersen

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The Miami Heat star will never need to scream "Free bird!" out at concerts -- the heavily inked NBA player, whose nickname is Birdman, got the phrase tattooed on his neck (in rainbow hues, no less) back in 2010. His tattoos (which must add up to the triple digits by now) also include a dead end sign and "give me war" on the back of his head.

Just nod and keep on rockin', buddy. Lynyrd Skynyrd forever!

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7. Rihanna

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We can't argue that the "Bitch Better Have My Money" singer got a fitting tattoo when she had "rebelle fleur" inked across the left side of her neck in 2010 -- Rihanna is nothing if not a rebel flower. Did she need to get the tat so close to her face though?

At least she'll be reminded of her rebellion every time she looks in the
mirror. Same goes for the one on her chest that says, "Never a failure.
Always a lesson." Backwards. For the sake of that mirror, we assume.

8. Drake

The Canadian rapper got the number six added to an emoji prayer tattoo above his left elbow, most likely as a tribute to his song "6 God." The fact that anyone would get an emoji inked on them for life makes us fear for the future.

Luckily for Drake, an emoji is not technically a word. He did get a phrase inked above his right elbow (and upside down), however, and that's what we'll focus on. It reads "everything happens for a reason sweet thing." That's super zen and all, but adding the sweet thing is what knocks the ink into douche territory. Who's the sweet thing? An ex? (Hey, Rihanna!) His mom? Himself? Oh god, please tell us he's not talking about himself in tattoo form… Like, besides that song title he already has on his bod.

9. Mena Suvari

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Mena. Sweetie. Why did you have to get "WORD SOUND POWER" tattooed on your back? Did the lion's head not express that concept enough that you had to go spell it out? How did your days on the sets of the American Pie movies and American Beauty not teach you nothing about bad decisions?

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10. Megan Fox

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star has a novel written on her body. Well, technically it's a poem she wrote herself -- "there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART" is written alongside her left rib. The phrase is terribly sad, especially now that Megan is happily married to a boy who (hopefully) won't break her heart even more, but the fact that she got her own words tattooed on her body for eternity may be even worse. The mom of two basically paid tribute to herself.

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Megan is better known for the much more visible phrase on her back, "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies," from Shakesepeare's King Lear. The 28-year-old actress also has a Nietzsche quote over her right ribs. She told MTV News that it was partially inspired by her co-star Mickey Rourke. "I actually got a tattoo that is sort of in honor of him... I just love him very much and think he's very special," she said.

Girl is very deep and poetic, don't you see?

11. Lindsay Lohan

The troubled actress has "I leave before being left. I decide." tattooed across her right hand. The tiny text is blocky and hard-to-read, with each letter jammed up against one another. Not only is "I Decide" the title of the song the former teen star recorded for The Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack, but it also feels like a desperate attempt at any sense of control.

The affirmations don't stop there either. Lindsay's also got "live without regrets" on her left hand and rainbow-hued stars surrounding a tat that says, "Stars, all we ask for is our right to twinkle." The body art is cheesy as it is, but it's even worse inked on a celeb who's slowly letting her own status as a starlet dwindle.

Don't make us cry (more), Linds!

Let this be a lesson to us all -- some words just don't need to live on us forever.

Some celebs even get questionable tattoos together! See more bad (okay, and some good) ink in the video below.

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