Oreo Introduces Its Best New Flavor Yet

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The cookie finally did the obvious for a special summer treat.

Just in time for summer, Oreo announced a new limited flavor
that is probably the most perfectly obvious flavor yet.

The S’mores Oreo cookie will hit shelves on May 22nd
and those celebrating Memorial Day weekend will have the perfect snack
without having to start a campfire. Though, a campfire is totally recommended when
eating this new flavor, which features Oreo’s first-ever graham cracker cookie
combined with chocolate-marshmallow crème filling.

And trust us when we say this is the best flavor yet. Sure
the Red Velvet Oreos were a fun new addition to the long line of
limited-edition flavors -- check out a complete list of flavors here -- but S’mores?! Nothing really beats that expect for the
original Oreo itself.

While the cookie will be available in stores, Zipcar users
may just land a free pack of their own when they rent a car over the holiday
weekend. Oreo is putting packs in the passenger seats of select cars in major
cities around the country. 

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