Vin Diesel Break Dances in This Incredible 80's Video and You Have to See It

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Vin Diesel has got some Fast & Furious moves!

This throwback video of the 47-year-old actor breakdancing in the 1980's has resurfaced, and it's bringing incredible joy to everyone who watches it.

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Please note the tall lanky dude with the full head of hair performing the upside down worm on the floor. That's Vin Diesel.

This one short moment in time shows you a whole different side of the action star, whose entire persona is built on the muscular, shaved head look he has rocked in all of the Fast & Furious flicks -- alongside his tragically lost friend Paul Walker.

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This is not the first time Vin has shown us his B-boy side! He posted a video showing off his Beyonce 'Surfbort' moves in January 2014.

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Yup. He's still got it!

Never stop dancing, Vin!

Watch the video below to flashback to Paul Walker on-set of the first Fast & Furious film.