A Day in the Life of Jennifer Aniston on Instagram

The actress isn't one for participating in social media ...unless it's Throwback Thursday!

Jennifer Aniston isn't one for participating in social media, but on Throwback Thursday she made an exception.

Justin Theroux's fiancee headed up the Instagram account of beauty line Living Proof for a day and filled it with her personal moments.

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Fans of the actress know it's rare for her to share, but thanks to this social media takeover, we now all know what she eats for breakfast!

For her next post, Aniston combined two of her favorite things: working out and her beautiful dog.

So as to not make the other dog jealous, the Cake star also shared a pic of her pup Sophie.

And she's got chickens!

In what is probably the best post of the day, the 46-year-old Golden Globe winner graciously gave us a flashback photo as well. Was this pre-Friends?!

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And if you're looking for the perfect summer salad, Aniston has got you covered!

She's also helping out with your summer reading.

After a day of posting personal pics, Aniston seemed pleased with the experience. "Time for a Night Cap. Thanks for letting me dip my toe in the world of social media for a day," she wrote. "Goodnight, Instagram...with love, XO jen."

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Flashback photos, food and pet pics! Aniston's Instagram game is pretty good for a rookie, but we're still waiting on that selfie.