Why Katie Holmes Doesn't Want a 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion

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Dawson's Creek may have gone dry 12 years ago, but don't expect a reunion.

While spinoffs are becoming increasingly popular for older shows, Katie Holmes questioned if Dawson's Creek should be rebooted a decade later in an interview with Yahoo! Style.

"I don't know, does it work today?" she asked.

For those not familiar with the show that ran from 1998-2003, Holmes played Joey Potter, a young woman who was caught between two best friends who both loved her -- Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) and Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson).

When the series ended, Joey chose Pacey over Dawson, and while many fans would like to see that romance reignited, Holmes explained why it shouldn't happen.

"I don't want them to grow up," the 36-year-old actress said. "You know, it's kind of like your parents -- they never get out of their 50s, that's where they are."

Holmes may not want to bring the characters back, but she does look back fondly on the show that lasted five years.

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"We just did it, we all enjoyed it," she shared. "It was of a certain time, it was pre-Internet. There was an innocence there."

But not all is lost, Creek freaks! After all, Holmes is returning to TV on July 12 in season three of Showtime's Ray Donovan as Paige Finney, a business woman who is struggling to find her own power within her wealthy family.

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