It's Been 10 Years Since Tom Cruise Jumped on Oprah's Couch


'I think the use of that clip was really, really unfair,' Oprah says.

On May 23, 2005, the world was shaken to the core. Well, mostly just one couch on the set of The Oprah Winfrey Show was shook, but it definitely seemed like a much bigger deal. It’s true: Tomorrow is officially the 10-year anniversary of that time Tom Cruise (or as Oprah would call him, “TOM CRUIIIIIIIIIIISE”) jumped on Oprah Winfrey’s couch.

And it was all over Katie Holmes. The conversation went something like this:

"She's truly extraordinary."
Oprah: "Dear God, you are gone."
Tom: "I'm gone and I don't care.”

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Here is Tom Cruise’s couch incident by the numbers:

1 - Number of months after Tom and Katie confirmed they were dating.
1 - Number of years (approximately) before “TomKat” got married.
5 - Number of times Tom got down on one knee, a pose later made popular by Tim Tebow. The Pre-bow?
3 - Number of times Tom grabbed Oprah’s hands and shook her body.
1 - Number of times Tom jump onto Oprah’s couch. (Which is not to be mistake with Tom jumping on Oprah’s couch, which contrary to collective memory, he did not do.)
7 - Number of years before they got divorced.

It’s the gift that kept on giving. Like when it gave us the gift of this GIF:

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Not everyone thought it was as funny: "Certainly, I did not think it would turn into the brouhaha that it did," Oprah told TV Guide. "I thought it was an expression of delightful exuberance and love that any woman...would be thrilled to have her man jump on a sofa in love with her."

“I think the use of that clip was really, really unfair,” Oprah continued, scolding literally the entire world. Ten years later, Tom likely thought people had gotten over the couch thing or forgotten it ever happened.

Well. The Internet never forgets.

Let’s end on a positive note: Remember all the awesome action movies Tom Cruise has given us?