Taylor Swift's BFF Karlie Kloss Wants a 'Bad Blood' Movie


She's just saying what we're all thinking!

Karlie Kloss is just saying what we all were thinking!

The 22-year-old supermodel told The Hollywood Reporter what it was like working on the kick-ass "Bad Blood" music video with her BFF Taylor Swift, and apparently it was a dream!

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"Any day you get to go to work with your friends is a good day at the office," said Karlie, who actually thinks Taylor should turn the star-studded video – which set a crazy Vevo viewing record! – into a full production!

"I think she should turn it into a movie," she suggested. "I think it could be a full-length feature film!"

"Premiering next year at Cannes," added Karlie.

We're not opposed!

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Watch the video below.

You hearing this Taylor??

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