Jennifer Lopez Confetti-Bombed by a Clown

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Jennifer Lopez received a particularly colorful welcome at LAX when she was confetti-bombed by a clown!

The surprise party-favor attack left the star covered in brightly colored shreds of paper.

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J.Lo's new short 'do actually looked really cute, even covered in multicolored confetti. However, it was clear the singer was far from amused.

While the American Idol judge was strolling through the crowded airport she received the unwelcome surprise from the infamous Los Angeles-based clown/performance artist Richie the Barber -- best known for his wild behavior and the fact that he's covered head-to-toe in tattoos.

This isn’t the first time Richie the Barber has pulled a stunt like this. In April 2014, the tattoo-covered clown confetti-bombed Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian in Venice, Calif., according to E!

Lopez got off easy compared to other stars who've been accosted by bystanders recently. Adam Levine was sugar-bombed outside Jimmy Kimmel's studio in Hollywood earlier this month and Kim Kardashian's book signing was interrupted by anti-fur activists who screamed that she was a "murderer."

WATCH: Adam Levine Got Sugar-Bombed Outside 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' in Hollywood

For Lopez, her dark grey midriff sweater and blue jeans ensemble got livened up with some color -- albeit by a somewhat terrifying-looking clown and in a way she wasn't anticipating.

For more on Levine's run-in with a powdered sugar-throwing prankster, check out the video below.

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