Chris Pratt Plays Elton John's Piano, but Is He Any Good?


Chris Pratt is bombarding us with adorable moments.

After posting a heartwarming video of him saying the Pledge of Allegiance with his son Jack, Pratt shared an Instagram of him playing a piano donated by Sir Elton John. And like everything the former Parks and Recreation star seems to try out (French braiding, photo bombing...), he's actually pretty good at it.

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The 35-year-old actor has been hamming it up since jumping on the international press tour for Jurassic World. 

Showing just how adolescent his sense of humor can be, Pratt posted a pic on Thursday of him holding up a t-shirt that said "I [heart] BJ," with the caption: I [heart] BJ I do. I mean I really do. And I for one am not afraid to admit it. I love Beijing. OK?! There. I said it. I [heart] BJ I feel so much better."

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The Instagram one-liners didn't stop there! "This is a stoic Chinese man I met who never even told me his name. We had a forty minute staring contest which he won," he captioned an image of a statue.

"Me and some dudes I met in China. Really nice, patient guys," another caption read of Pratt posing with a circle of statues. "Good listeners. I blabbed and blabbed about the upcoming Jurassic World movie and they didn't interrupt me once."

We witnessed firsthand one of Pratt's many skills when he tested out his French-braiding abilities on an ET intern. The video is a MUST-WATCH:

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