Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show' Start Date Revealed as New Host Practices for His Takeover

Comedy Central

Jon Stewart isn't leaving until August and already his successor is behind the desk.

Jon Stewart
doesn't leave The Daily Show until August 6 and already his successor Trevor Noah is testing out his seat behind the anchor's desk.

In a new Comedy Central promo for Noah's takeover of the political satire program, the host-to-be is seen practicing how he will say, "Welcome to The Daily Show." But more importantly, the clip reveals that Noah will start his hosting duties on Sept. 28.

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As he's rehearsing his new role, Stewart catches Noah sitting in the host's chair, and doesn't look too happy. After all, he's not gone yet!

In all seriousness, Stewart has given Noah his blessing to replace him on the long-running program, and even came to the South African comedian's defense when he was slammed for some controversial tweets he made about women and Jewish people years ago.

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"I know there was a large kerfuffle on Twitter. But can say this, I think, without hesitation: Trevor Noah will earn your trust and respect. Or Not," he said of his successor. "Just as I earned your trust and respect. Or did not. Or, sometimes I earned it, and then lost it, and then kind of got it back. But then it was like 'F**k that guy' and then it was like, 'That rally was so stupid, I hate him.'"

Will you watch Noah host The Daily Show?