Harrison Ford Flies a Helicopter Just Months After His Plane Crash

Can't keep him down!

Harrison Ford doesn't let a little plane crash keep him from flying!

Despite being hospitalized after a plane he was piloting crashed in March, the 72-year-old Star Wars actor got back to the sky Thursday, co-piloting a helicopter!

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Pacific Coast News

Harrison was all smiles after landing the chopper at Santa Monica airport, the same one he took off from before his recent crash.

Pacific Coast News

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Just three months ago, the action star was piloting a small vintage aircraft which malfunctioned, causing him to make an emergency crash landing at a golf course in Venice, Calif. A battered Harrison was rushed to a nearby hospital to recover.

Apparently, his injuries didn't keep him down for very long!

Back in 2000, Harrison was involved in a helicopter accident and he spoke to ET a year earlier about the importance of safety while flying.

"You just forewarn yourself against the potential, which is always there, for an accident," he said.

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Watch that video below.