Complete List of Advertisers Who've Stopped Sponsoring '19 Kids and Counting'


This hasn't been a good week for the Duggar family.

After allegations surfaced that Josh Duggar had molested several underage girls when he was a teenager, the family's TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting, lost numerous TV advertisers almost immediately.

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The show was quickly pulled from the cable channel, and on Thursday, Hulu also stopped streaming the long-running reality series. There has been no mention that the show will even return, though some speculate that the Duggar sisters, Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard, will get their own spinoff series.

Over 20 advertisers are estimated to have pulled out of sponsoring the show in just the past few days.

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Here's a complete list of all the companies that have stopped supporting 19 Kids and Counting:

1. Ace Hardware:
"Ace ads ran on this show as part of an overall ad buy with TLC. We are removing our ads from any future episodes of the show."

2. ConAgra Foods:
"Based on recent events, we will be removing the show 19 Kids and Counting from our advertising schedule until further notice."

3. Party City:
"We have decided to no longer advertise on the show."

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4. BEHR Paint:
"[We] have since taken steps to remove our advertising from all future episodes of 19 Kids and Counting."

5. Pure Leaf Iced Tea:
"Please know that we will no longer be advertising on 19 Kids and Counting."

6. Ricola:
"[We] are actively taking steps to remove our commercial from this show."

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7. Firehouse Subs:
"We have removed our advertising from the show."

8. Pizza Hut:
"We are no longer advertising during this program."

9. Sherwin-Williams:
"We have directed the network to remove our advertising from this show."

10. Crayola:
"We share your concern for the safety of children and have no plans to air Crayola commercials during future episodes."

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11. Allstate Insurance:
"It came to our attention that our commercials were airing during 19 Kids and Counting. We have pulled our ads from this program."

12. King's Hawaiian:
"As a family brand, we understand your feelings. Our advertising has been suspended and our thoughts are with those affected."

13. Walgreens:
"In the wake of recent news, we are no longer advertising on the 19 Kids and Counting program."

14. General Mills:
A General Mills spokesperson confirmed that the company has removed 19 Kids and Counting from its current advertising schedule.

15. Payless ShoeSource:
"Our ads ran during this show as part of a larger buy w/ TLC. We are taking steps to have them removed from future episodes."

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16. Choice Hotels:
"We share your concerns and we have decided to remove our advertising from the show."

17. Keurig: "Keurig is not currently running any media on The Learning Channel. Additionally, TLC has pulled all episodes of 19 Kids and Counting."

18. H&R Block: "We aren't currently advertising with TLC. We advertised with the network during tax season, but had no knowledge of this news. We take these matters seriously and will not advertise on the show if it is reinstated."

19. CVS"While our current advertising campaign includes the TLC network, we have not and will not advertise during the 19 Kids and Counting program."

20. Jimmy Dean: "We do not sponsor specific shows with our ads. However, we have removed our ads from 19 Kids and Counting."

21. David's Bridal: "Should TLC reinstate the show, we will take steps to have our ads removed from future episodes."

While the 19 Kids and Counting advertisers quickly withdrew their support of the show, others are standing by the Duggar family. See what Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's father-in-law had to say about the scandal: