13 Best Pieces of Advice From 2015 Celebrity Commencement Speeches

From Robert De Niro to President Obama, this year's commencement speeches offered some great insight for new grads.

Sitting through long graduations can be grueling but it's a little easier if you get to listen an A-lister. Of course, with entertainers sometimes the advice isn't so much inspiring as it is hilarious.

Here's a round of the best advice from 13 of the most memorable celebrity commencement speeches this year.

1. Natalie Portman, Harvard University

"Your inexperience is an asset and will allow you to think in original, unconventional ways. Accept your lack of knowledge and use it as your asset.

2. Maya Rudolph, Tulane University
"If I could give my 21-year-old self any advice it would be to take as many bikini photos as you can now because your body's smokin' hot."

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3. Matthew McConaughey, University of Houston
"Too many options makes a tyrants of us all. So get rid of the excess, the wasted time, decrease your options… and you will have accidentally, almost innocently, put in front of you, what is important to you by process of elimination." 

4. Ed Helms, University of Virginia
"As you go out in the world, you'll find that people are always quick to define you, to pigeonhole you, to whittle you down to their preconceived notions-- which brings me to my point: Never let others define you. Define yourselves."

5. Former President George W. Bush, Southern Methodist University
"Those of you who are graduating this afternoon with high honor, awards and distinction, well done. And as I like to tell the C-students, you too can be President."

6. President Barack Obama, U.S. Coast Guard Academy
"We cannot know, each of us, how many days we will walk this Earth. We can't guarantee we're all going to live to 100. But what we can do is live each day to its fullest."

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7. First Lady Michelle Obama, Oberlin College
"It is absolutely still possible to make a difference. The great moments of our history are not decades in our past; they're happening right now, today, in our lifetimes."

8. Robin Roberts, Emerson College
"Dont have a cameo in your life story... have the leading role in your life story."

9. Denzel Washington, Dillard University
"Don't be afraid to go outside the box. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Don't be afraid to fail big, to dream big. But remember, dreams without goals are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment. Have dreams, but have goals."

10. Judge Judy, Shiprock High School, New Mexico
"Never let anyone or anything define your value or limit your dream."

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11. Stephen Colbert, Wake Forest University
"I'd like to leave you with a bit of wisdom I picked up from a documentary I saw this weekend: Mad Max: Fury Road. All you young people really need to succeed in the future is a reliable source of fuel and a fanatical cadre of psychopathic motorcycle killers."

12. Meredith Vieira, Boston University
"Don't ever lose your enthusiasm, don't suddenly become self-conscious."

13. Robert De Niro, New York University
"Tisch graduates, you made it... and, you're f**ked."