Colbie Caillat is Engaged!


She’s about to say "I Do" in more than just a song!

Colbie Caillat got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Justin Young in Bermuda this week.

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"This sweet man asked me to be his lobster….and I said yes!" she wrote on Instagram, referencing Phoebe Buffay's infamous "She's your lobster!" line from Friends.

Caillat turned 30 on May 28 and posted a photo that afternoon showing off her new sparkler, but she didn't officially announce the news until the next day.

In 2011, the 30-year-old California native told Billboard that Young had inspired her album All Of You. Their romance started in 2009 and was initially "a surprise to both of us," she told the mag.

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"He was the guy who warms me up and talks with the band, so we had to work together more than we ever had," she adds. "And all of a sudden I noticed I would change my outfit a few times before I would rehearse with him, and I would get butterflies when he would walk on the tour bus or when he'd talk to me or anything like that. We eventually talked about it, and then we started dating."

The happy couple lives together in Los Angeles with their adopted puppy. Young, 36, is the lead guitarist in Caillat's band, and they're currently on the road for her The Girls Night Out, Boys Can Come Tour. 

Fitting name now, no?

Hopefully Caillat will have better luck than these stars had during their engagements: