Jaden Smith Wears Dress to Prom, Attends with 'Hunger Games' Actress Amandla Sternberg


There's only one way to top the Batman suit Jaden wore to his last prom...

Leave it to Jaden Smith to come up with a unique look to wear to prom!

The actor-musician attended the rite of passage with The Hunger Games star Amandla Sternberg, but he didn’t opt for traditional attire. Will Smith's son rocked the dance in an off-white skirt and long black tunic. He paired the layered look with an oversized blazer, black pants, gold-embellished fingerless white gloves and sneakers.

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Unexpected, yet somehow it was exactly what we would expect from a Hollywood kid known for bucking the norm.

"Here's to high school," Amandla captioned the duo's pre-party pic.

With silver braids and a sternum piercing complimenting a gilded halter dress, Amandla's outfit was far from your typical mall fare either, making them cooler than anyone we went to high school with.

The 16-year-old actress even made sure to mention that her date was a "gentleman" when she shared this quirky but sweet snap of Jaden literally stopping to smell the roses. (Okay, not a rose, but you know what we mean.)

According to the Sleepy Hollow actress, prom was perfect. "To all my loves: thanks for a great night," she wrote.

Talk about a power couple. (Literally — Amandla is the Zulu word for "power.")

Considering this wasn't Jaden's first prom this year, he probably felt like he had to step up his game. After all, how do you top an all-white Batman suit like the one he wore to his friend Mecca Kalani's prom two weeks ago?


Speaking of things he's done before, Jaden has shown a love for womenswear in the past. He stepped out in a black-and-white Topshop dress in April, and, before he deleted his Twitter account, captioned a pic, "That Moment When Your Wearing A Dress With No Pants And You Swerve Way To Hard."


We applaud the bending of gender norms but still question capitalizing every word in a sentence -- even on Twitter.

But as Will Smith says of his son, Jaden "does it the way he wants." See what the proud dad means in this flashback video: