Enrique Iglesias' Hand Injury 'Worse' Than Originally Thought

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Enrique Iglesias is recovering after having major reconstructive surgery to his hand as the result of an injury the singer suffered during a concert in Tijuana over the weekend. Now, it turns out the damage was more severe than previously believed.

The incident occurred when the 40-year-old performer reached out to grab a flying drone used for aerial photography inside the concert arena, but ended up slicing his hand open on the device.

NEWS: Enrique Iglesias Undergoes Reconstructive Hand Surgery After Onstage Drone Accident

Iglesias continued the performance for another 30 minutes after the incident, but the injury later required a trip to the hospital and surgery.

On Tuesday, Iglesias' publicity team posted an update on Instagram, revealing that lacerations the singer received were "a bit worse than initially assessed."

"His recent surgery lasted longer than expected," Team Enrique shared on Tuesday. "He suffered a fracture that needed to be corrected in addition to the reconstructive surgery. He will be recovering during the next few weeks, but a full recovery is anticipated.”

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Iglesias is currently on his Sex and Love world tour with Pitbull. He will resume his tour on July 3.

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