Taylor Swift Hikes Trail Backwards to Avoid Paparazzi

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Your eyes are not deceiving you, Taylor Swift really is hiking backwards. 

The 25-year-old "Blank Space" singer explained owned up to the seemingly bizarre behavior by posting a pic to her Tumblr that showed her walking backwards downhill while her bodyguard carefully directs her.

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A bit odd for sure, but Taylor has her reasons.  

"I saw the guy with the camera and wasn't in the mood so I hiked the whole trail backward and my security told me when to make turns," Swift said. "Ah, the tranquillity of the great outdoo-TAYLORCANYOULOOKOVERHEREGIVEUSASMILEAREYOUDATIN"


"It's like she's doing that test that police officers do to see if you're drunk or not," one of Swift's fan joked of the pic.

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The singer responded with a pic of Kristen Wiig doing a sobriety test in Bridesmaids with the quote: "If I was drunk, would I be able to do this?"

This isn't the first time one of Swift's outdoor workouts have made headlines. While jogging in Nashville last November, she came across one of her fans posing for portfolio pics and stopped to pose along with her. Check out the cute moment, below:

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