Kevin Federline and Justin Timberlake Are Friends That Hang Out

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"Me and J are cool."

There's no bad blood between Kevin Federline and Justin Timberlake.

Although both Kevin and Justin memorably dated Britney Spears, the 37-year-old former backup dancer says he and Justin "are cool" and even hang out occasionally.

Come again?!

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"In the beginning when [Britney and I] first got together, it was awkward and I felt bad -- I felt like maybe I should have called [Justin] and talked to him," Kevin tells Us Weekly in a new interview. "But I didn’t have his number."

Kevin actually worked with Justin before he started dating Britney in 2004, appearing in his music video for "Like I Love You." Now, he says he and the "Mirrors" singer are in a good place after a number of years have passed.

He even calls him "J."

"We're cool. Me and J are," he says. "I actually just went to his last show in Vegas and hung out with him, got to see a lot of old friends. I'm friends with all the security guys. [They're] great, they’re incredible. We've actually -- guys that work with him have worked with us and still work with me, still to this day. You know everybody, you're friends with everybody. And yeah, me and J are cool."

"My best friend is his choreographer so we have mutual friends, and I mean, we've gone out golfing, we've hung out," he continues. "You get older, you grow up, and you realize that was just a time in your life. S**t happens."

Still, he says the two never discuss Britney.

"Yeah, it is what it is to us," he says.

Kevin split with the "Pretty Girls" singer in 2006. They have two sons together, Sean Preston and Jayden James. Of how the two first hooked up, he reveals that it was at a Los Angeles club when they had some undeniable chemistry on the dance floor.

"It was weird. It was one of those things where, it just happened," he recalls. "I was just dancing on the dance floor and we kind of just had this chemistry ... We both got very involved and interested in each other. And it just kind of took off from there."

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Obviously, they've both moved on. Kevin has been married to his wife, former volleyball player Victoria Prince, since August 2013, and Britney is currently dating producer Charlie Ebersol. In March, she gushed that she's "the happiest [she's] ever been." Watch below: