Josh Duggar Allegedly Confessed to Molesting Some of His Sisters, According to Newly Released Report

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A chilling report has been released that delves even deeper into Jim Bob Duggar's confession to the police that his oldest son Josh allegedly molested some his underage sisters and a female family friend when he was a teenager.

In Touchmagazine obtained the Washington County Sheriff's Office report -- via the Freedom of Information Act -- that reveals what the 19 Kids and Counting father (who's referred to as James in the report) allegedly knew in regards to his oldest son's inappropriate behavior. This report comes on the heels of the Springdale Police Department report that In Touchinitially obtained last month, also by way of the FOIA, that first revealed the molestation accusations.

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According to the latest report, Jim Bob and his wife, Michelle Duggar, were interviewedby the sheriff’s officeon Dec. 12, 2006 in response to an allegation received by the Arkansas State Police Child Abuse Hotline with regards to one of their children.

"James said that in March of 2002, [redacted, Josh] who had just turned 14, came to him very upset and crying," reads the report obtained by the tabloid. "James said that [redacted, Josh] had told him that he had been sneaking into [redacted, his sisters'] room at night and had been touching [redacted, his sisters] on the breasts and vaginal areas while they were sleeping."

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In the report, Jim Bob also stated that Josh told him he approached each sister when "apparently all of the girls were sleeping in a common room at this time." Jim Bob asked his younger daughters if they remembered this incident and one of the girls said she only recalled her brother "taking her blanket away." Josh also confessed to his father he had approached a family friend who was on the couch and "fondled her breasts as she slept."

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Nine months later, in March 2003, another incident allegedly took place. "James said that [redacted, Josh] was reading to his five-year-old sister and as she was sitting on his lap, he had touched her breasts and vaginal area," the document reads. "James said [redacted, daughter] ran out of the room and called him and told him what he had done."

Josh's sister also told her father, according to the report, that while in the laundry room, her brother had "put his hand under her dress."

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According to the report, Jim Bob says that after these incidents, he went to the family's church elders and decided to admit Josh into a Christian facility in Little Rock, Arkansas that he thought was affiliated with the Little Rock Police Department. "James says Josh was in the program from March 17, 2003 until July 17, 2003."

After he got out of the program, Jim Bob says Josh confessed his behavior to Cpl. Hutchins who gave him a "stern talk." According to Jim Bob's confession, Cpl. Hutchins said there was nothing else to do since Josh had already went through treatment.

Josh, now 27, responded to the initial reports last month, writing, “I acted inexcusably.” TLC then pulled all future airings of 19 Kids and Counting as more and more sponsors began to pull their ads. The reality show’s future remains up in the air.

The Duggar family will break their silence today when they are to give their first sit-down interview since the scandal on Megyn Kelly's Fox show, The Kelly File, at 9 p.m. ET. A one-hour Fox special will follow on June 5.

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