You Need to Watch Chris and Scott Evans Sing a Duet in This Home Video


True Chris Evans fans know he’s not the only hot Evans brother. There’s also Scott Evans. (You might recognize him as Chris’ flip cup partner from The Tonight Show earlier this year.) But did you know they sing duets together?

Scott uploaded the video to YouTube and says, “Today I decided to embarrass my brother further and show he and I goofin' around last weekend. :)” Look how intensely Chris plays that piano!


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It's a cover of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain” and, sadly, it’s less than a minute long. “We had the giggles and couldn't make it through the whole thing without laughing,” Scott says. “Here is just a tease... With some sung apologies to each other.”


The best part is when Chris tries to sing seriously into the camera but can’t:


Behold, the most adorable 43 seconds of your day:

For more adorableness, check out another of Chris Evans' skills when we went bowling with him all the way back in 2001:

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