Justin Bieber Weighs In on Drake's New Buff Bod: 'Damn Daddy'


Looks like someone has been putting in a lot of extra work at the gym!

Drake took to his Instagram to show off his impressive physique on Wednesday, looking notably buffer than ever.

"Pree show," he captioned the shirtless pic.

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Aside from plenty of Drake's female fans, one other star hilariously took note -- Justin Bieber.

"Damn daddy," Justin commented through his official Instagram.

The 28-year-old "Started From the Bottom" rapper hasn't been shy about hitting the weights hard recently, Instagramming this pic of him working up a sweat just last week.

"Tank got me working at the Palace!!!!! Push Pounds," he wrote, shouting out his trainer, Jonny Rox.

Get it, Drake!

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We're sure plenty of other celebrity Drake fans are appreciating his buff new bod. Check out Selena Gomez rapping to his song "Preach" in the video below!