Derek Hough on His 'DWTS' Injury: It Messed With My Confidence

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Derek Hough may have suffered a pretty nasty injury recently, but at least he's able to laugh about it now.

Joined by sister Julianne Hough, the 30-year-old Dancing With the Stars pro spoke to ET about the foot injury that put him in the emergency room back in April. 

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"I didn't realize how big of a deal it was for me, because I kind of played it off and was like 'No, no I'm fine. I'm going to work from a chair,' Derek recalled. "But it really did kind of mess with my confidence because I’m the daredevil. I love jumping off things, jumping out of planes, whatever."

But his sister did not agree!

"He's such a wuss," Julianne joked.

Derek then admitted, "I'm like grandpa Hough over here going, 'Alright kids, be careful. Whoa whoa, you're going to hit your head there. Now look out! Should we jump?"

Julianne found this funny, noting that her brother has actually been like that his whole life!

WATCH: Inside Derek Hough's Injury!

Derek's injury occurred on April 20 during a late night rehearsal for Dancing With the Stars' 10th anniversary special. It couldn't have come at a worse time for him as he was working on both DWTS and the New York Spring Spectacular show in New York City. He was practicing a routine when he hurt his foot after smashing it on a piece of equipment. He then injured himself further when he fell down the stairs while trying to grab ice to put on it and subsequently rolled his ankle.

Check out the video above to see him back in great spirits!

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