Snoop Dogg Posts Insensitive Instagram About 'That Science Project Bruce Jenner'

Getty Images

Snoop Dogg is catching a social media backlash over a transphobic meme about Caitlyn Jenner the rapper posted to his Instagram page.

"Shout out to Akon!" the image reads. "He is about to supply 600 million africans with solar power. I’m really upset that this isn’t major news but that science project Bruce Jenner is #Society."

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The rapper’s insensitive post has received over 144,000 likes and started a war amongst fans in the photo’s comments section, with some agreeing with Snoop’s sentiment and others decrying his use of transphobic language.

"This is the first time in history that trans people have a voice," said one commenter. "It may be over publicized but it doesn't justify the amount of hatred. Transphobia is not acceptable."

"I'm mad that this comment is what made news," wrote another. "Akon is doing great things and no one wants to give help respect cause he's not an A-lister."

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