Steph Curry and 14 Other NBA Stars Read 'Mean Tweets' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'


Jimmy Kimmel is celebrating the NBA Finals by bringing back his hilarious "Mean Tweets" segment, recruiting current and former NBA greats to read nasty things social media had to say about them.

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"DeAndre Jordan looks like that uncle at a cookout that sticks his for in ya plate," the Los Angeles Clippers center read about himself, shrugging it off and replying that he believes "sharing is caring."

Golden State Warriors point guard and NBA MVP Steph Curry fired back after one tweeter suggested he change his "girly" name to Steve.

"Steve is a terrible name," Curry responded, before taking it back. "Oh shoot, that’s my coach’s name."

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"Wow all caps, huh?" Clippers forward Blake Griffin deadpanned after reading an emphatic message that referred to him as a "Lindsay Lohan freckled face two headed bitch," among other things.

"Maybe try some lower-case next time," Griffin suggested.

Watch the rest of the "Mean Tweets," including Magic Johnson, Tony Parker and Reggie Miller, in the video above!

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