This Bed and Breakfast Owner Was VERY Happy to Meet Bono


It definitely wasn't a typical day at work for a bed and breakfast owner in the small town of Somers, Montana.

Recently, Michelle Ahern had a guest approach her and explain that her boss' plane had arrived early and asked if it would be OK if he stopped in for a cup of coffee. After Ahern said it would be fine, the guest proceeded to mention that her boss was none other than U2's Bono!

Upon hearing his name, the owner told ET, "I may have cried a little bit."

She then went through all the normal stages of a star-struck fan about to meet an iconic singer for the first time. She went for a short walk to calm down, curled her hair, debated changing clothes "but decided an evening gown would be inappropriate."

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The question of what to wear wasn't the only thing to run through her head. "How will I greet him?" she wondered. "'Oh hello Mr. Bono'....No, you don't call him Mr. Bono.' He is a knight, should I curtsy?"

But when she finally did meet him, it went exactly as we would have hoped. "I tried to act normal--inside I was saying, 'Be cool, be cool, be cool,'" the owner recalled. Then this picture happened and it's impossible to not feel her excitement.


So, when you're up close and personal with Bono, what does he look like? "Very healthy and his skin was...might I say dewy?!" Ahern shared.

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During his brief visit, Bono, 55, sat down on the owner's deck overlooking the beautiful Flathead Lake and Rocky Mountains, had his cup of coffee and a bite to eat and told his host this was his first time there and thought it was a beautiful state.

Naturally, Ahern was thrilled to get her picture taken with him as she grew up listening to his music and singing his songs and couldn't believe her surreal experience. "He was only in town for about 5 hours to visit a friend and have some peace and quiet," she said. "What an honor it was to meet a man of that stature. Not only his incredible music career, but his tireless work as a humanitarian has literally saved lives around the world. It is a day I will never forget!

Check out the video below to see how Bono left a generous tip at a famous Los Angeles deli.