Beyonce Shows Off Her Vegan Booty in Super Short Shorts


Beyonce is giving us all one more reason to try out her vegan diet, and it's a "bootylicious" one.

After revealing that she got her "flawless" body with the help of a 22-day-vegan challenge from her personal trainer Marco Borges, on Monday's Good Morning America, the 33-year-old singer's latest pics of her wearing the shortest shorts are pretty awe-inspiring.


Beyonce is also rocking a one-piece bikini and showing off her famous curves that she spoke about on GMA.


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"I am not naturally the thinnest woman," she said in her GMA video. "I have curves, I'm proud of my curves. I have struggled since a young age with diets. Finding something that actually works -- keeps the weight off -- has been difficult for me."

Beyonce launched a vegan meal delivery service with Borges in February, and in her announcement, the vegan diet was heavily promoted. "I felt like my skin was really firm, a lot tighter than when I deprived myself of food and got the weight off fast -- and the weight stayed off," she said.

And while we all know her diet secrets now, the Internet was still unhappy over Beyonce's announcement as many hoped it would be more substantial. Some fans had speculated that her "big announcement" would be a baby or even possibly a new album.

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If you're still not convinced by her announcement or her photos that you too can get a body like hers, check out the video below to hear some exercise secrets from her trainer.

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