11 Feelings You Will Feel at a Taylor Swift Show


The haters gonna hate hate hate ... but not at a Taylor Swift show.

With a "galaxy" of superfans surrounding the biggest star in the building, hate will most definitely never, ever be felt.

So, what will T. Swift's diehard followers experience during the singer's 1989 World Tour? Well, if her recent stop in Detroit is any indication, it's more like, WHAT WON'T THEY?

Sparks flew. Gal pals gabbed. Dreams were made. And there were fireworks. And there were lasers. AND THERE WERE CATS. (Of course there were cats.) 

Seriously: Taylor could write a whole album about all the feelings we were feeling.

1. 'Taylor Swifty'

It's an adjective, don't you know? It's when you stop caring what people think about you and let yourself loose on the dancefloor, or backstage during your own concert, or in front of thousands of people who came to see you shake it off. In other words, we are all Taylor Swifts at a Taylor Swift show.

2. '80s Nostalgia

If you're not in the know, Taylor's 1989 World Tour is named after her 1989 album, which is named after her birth year. (We know: so very Adele of her.) She's basically a '90s baby, but that doesn't mean she won't bow down to the previous decade's classic coming-of-age films, ones she calls "incredible teen movies." She loves The Breakfast Club! She lives for Sixteen Candles! And it all so perfectly sets up the song "I Wish You Would," a nostalgic nod, she says, to one of love's greatest healers: the boombox

3. Forever Young

Happy, free… but definitely not confused and lonely. Not at a Taylor Swift show, anyway. For 120-plus minutes, you are feeling 22, all right, ooh-ooh.

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4. Clean

Can T. Swift please turn "You're Not Damaged Goods" into a tune? Make it the new "Shake It Off." Like that monster hit, her latest words of wisdom are spoken during some self-help chatter about… almost everything. As she transports devotees to the most magical therapy sesh, Swift is your shrink: "Maybe you felt like you didn't fit in," she said, over a pretty synth bed, naturally. She also goes down a list of Things A 16-Year-Old Girl Feels. "Maybe you lost someone. Maybe you lost yourself." Lost… and found.

5. All the Awwws of Friendship

Friends don't let friends… go on tour alone. At her Detroit show, for instance, the Swift Squad -- besties Lena Dunham, Selena Gomez, Jaime King and the HAIM ladies, among many  --joined her on stage (via video, that is) while Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt actually popped in for a strut during "Style." With HAIM calling her "the sister (we) never had" and Selena musing on love ("What is love? To be honest, I don't really know"), her posse obviously adores her to pieces. And Taylor adores them right back! "I feel really lucky with the friends that I have right now," she gushed. Everyone now: Awwwwwwww.

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6. Like You Should Probably Get a Cat Right Now

What are dogs even? Taylor -- or "The Patron Saint of Cats," as Dunham coined -- squeezed her kitties close during a clip that featured both of her snuggle buddies, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. But things didn't stay cute for long as Meredith bored her usual cat-titude. The video ended with: "No cats were harmed in the making of this video. Just one pop star." One potentially dangerous incident didn't change the fact that, on this night, we were all cat ladies.

7. #Blessed

"I feel like my life wouldn't be the same if you weren't telling me about your life."

8. Shake It Off, Slackers

Remember expressing your fandom with a fat marker and a piece of poster board? Times have changed, and Swifties are leading the "I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!" Sign Revolution. But if you didn't pimp out your poster with Christmas lights, and for sure if you didn't make one for Mama Swift, don't feel so bad. We're sure Taylor still loves you back (a little bit).

9. Lit Like the Fourth of July

WE ARE STILL GLOWING. No, really: Our wristbands still light up. And aside from those very wristbands actually saving lives, they also changed lives as they beamed a starry night across the arena and everyone was lifted and everyone was saved. But it wasn't just the lights or the end-of-show pyrotechnics or -- oh my god! -- that glow-in-the-dark Taylor Swift sundress that left fans wonderstruck. For one night, Taylor took us to New York. We felt what she felt when she made it her home. And our hearts? They were bursting with bliss.

10. Sad (That It Had To End)

All she had to do was stay… :(

11. But We Are Totally Always Getting Back Together


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