Kellan Lutz Takes One Of His Biggest Fans to Prom

Kellan Lutz is the dreamiest prom date ever.

Don't ever say Kellan Lutz isn't good to his fans!

The 30-year-old Twilight star made one lucky girl's dreams come true on Saturday, when he took Brianna Siciliano to her prom in New Jersey. Brianna won a contest to have a video chat with the handsome actor over a year ago, and the two have remained friends ever since.

Check out Brianna in a lovely floor-length blue gown, and Kellan in a dapper black suit, doing the classic prom picture pose!

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Kellan amazingly pulled out all the stops for the 18-year-old girl's big night. The Bullseye host picked her up in a Bentley, and even wore a boutonniere.

"I got my dream prom date today," Brianna tweeted. "Thank you @kellanlutz for everything (I'm considering this my first ever date fyi)."

"I love her so much," Kellan sweetly said. "It was the best night ever."

It's safe to say nobody had a better prom than Brianna.

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