Sassiest Girl Ever Dances to Aretha Franklin's 'Respect'


All she's asking for is a little respect!

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T!" "Find out what it means to" Johanna Colon.

The 6-year-old channeled Aretha Franklin during a dance recital in a way that is as adorable as it is feisty, and it's making us all want more.

More than 26 million people have watched Johanna dance on her mother Elissa's Facebook page, and once you see it, there won't be any question as to why this video has gone viral.

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But that tap dancing and arm movement with attitude did not come easy though!

"She practiced very hard,'' Elissa Colon told "She would make me play it on Pandora constantly. All eyes were on her from the beginning. As soon as she walked out, everybody was just floored." 

And even though the youngster did not initially know who Aretha Franklin was, she nevertheless had quite the reaction when her mom played her "Respect" for the first time.

"'Ooh, she's got a lot of sass, mommy,'" Elissa recalled.

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Now an online sensation, Johanna deserves a lot of respect for that sass!

Check out the video below to see how Aretha Franklin became a legend.