NSFW! LeBron James Accidentally Flashes Viewers During NBA Finals

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LeBron James is known for showing off on the basketball court, but he might have shown a little more than he intended when he inadvertently flashed his penis to ABC on-court cameras during Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

Right before the game started, cameras caught the 30-year-old Cavaliers star tucking his undershirt into his underwear and, for a split second, it appears that he accidentally exposed himself.

The moment was immediately posted on Vine, which you can watch below. Obviously, it's NSFW.

It's one of those blink-and-you-miss-it public exposures, but many people online are very sure (and weirdly excited) that he did, in fact, flash his junk.

While the argument could be made that the cameras should have given James some space, many are wondering if James needed to enthusiastically adjust his pants with a camera in his face.

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And this wasn't the only run-in with a courtside camera James suffered on Thursday. Later in the game, he literally ran into a courtside camera after getting fouled and tripping, although his privates remained in his shorts during this incident.

Some might say this could be karmic justice for the way James ignored Jimmy Kimmel "correspondent" Guillermo, when he went to interview players before the Finals started earlier this week.

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