Watch T.I.'s Important Message to All NBA Players: Stop Rapping!


Just because you're talented on the court, doesn't mean it translates to the mic!

Unfortunately, plenty of the NBA's biggest stars seem to disagree, so rapper T.I. took to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night to do us all a favor by delivering an important message.


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T.I. was prompted by the recent video unearthed of Golden State Warriors MVP Steph Curry rapping possibly the corniest lyrics ever while he was still a student at Davidson College, which quickly went viral.

"When I'm in the studio, I know it's where I'm meant to be," T.I. says. "Music is my life. Rapping is pretty much what I do. But sometimes NBA players make the mistake of thinking it's what they do too."

The "What You Know" rapper goes on to hilariously call out terrible rap songs by Metta World Peace ("Get Low"), Tony Parker ("Balance Toi"), Kevin Durant ("Worried About Tomorrow") and of course, Shaquille O'Neal ("I Know I Got Skills").

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Obviously, NBA players aren't the only ones to try their hand at rapping -- check out Nick Jonas taking on hits by Drake and Iggy Azalea in the video below!

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