9 Life Lessons From Our BFF Chris Pratt

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We know that Chris Pratt isn't actually our BFF, but we can dream, can't we?

Not to completely gush over the hottie or anything, but the Jurassic World star is pretty much the best: He's adorable, goofy, hilarious and has such a good six-pack that his wife Anna Faris tries to fatten him up every chance she gets. (To keep the rest of the world away from her man? So she has more to love? Both seem reasonable.)

Since nearly every word out of Chris' mouth is pure gold (even when he's drunk), here are nine of the best pieces of advice from Hollywood's everyguy:

1. Looking for true love? Don't be fake!

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"Girls like that quiet confidence. And not in a way like, 'I'm a dick and I don't care.' Just: 'Hey, I'm comfortable with who I am.' You want to be with a girl who likes you for you. Just be yourself and forget all of the stuff you read in GQ magazine."

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2. And when you find that love, work hard to keep it.

"These are the work years. The gravy years are to come. The way we work it out is we just take at least one moment every day to be present with one another. Whether or not we're in the same room, or the same state, or even the same country, we check in, you know?... Our motto is 'eye on the prize.'"

3. Overfeed your soul, not your stomach.

"I was impotent, fatigued, emotionally depressed [when I weighed 300 pounds]. I had real health issues that were affecting me in a major way. It's bad for your heart, your skin, your system, your spirit."

4. Then exercise. Moving your butt FTW!

"Being in good physical shape is the best way to combat depression. You just have endorphins running around your body. It is the best anti-depressive that there is."

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5. Find your om.

"My favorite way to blow off steam is to sing obnoxiously loud in the shower."

6. Eventually, everyone has to grow up -- and put on a pair of pants.

"I was a jokester, I had a dirty mind, and a dirty sense of humor. I was naked all the time. It was just recently, in the last few years since I've become an adult, that I've learned to keep my clothes on."

7. Be a nice guy.

"Of course I want people to like me, but more importantly, I don't want people to dislike me."

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8. Sometimes, you just need a drink.

"I'm not like a huge alcoholic or anything, but I always prided myself on being in a pretty good mood. And then I stopped drinking alcohol for eight months and I realized from time to time I got grumpy. It's a nice social lubricant."

9. Most importantly: Always do you.

"Just be yourself, and hopefully they can shape an epic space adventure around exactly who you are."

So wait... if we believe in ourselves, we can be awesome and star in our own movie, too?

Cool! Thanks for the life advice, Chris!

See what it's like to spend a day with the 35-year-old actor (on set, at least) in the video below.