Chris Evans Scares 'Captain America' Co-Star Hayley Atwell and They Have an Adorable Twitter Argument About It

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These two are too much!

These two are too much!

It all started when Captain America star Hayley Atwell tweeted out "Found this ugly guy" about her co-star Chris Evans.

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So naturally, Chris brought up the time he "scared the crap" out of the British actress.

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Even though he said he couldn't tweet the video, he put it up on YouTube. Watch the cute incident below.

Chris' video is even complete with a Captain America-shielded bird-flipping! Hayley was so startled by Chris' spook that she vowed to get him back.

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"I'm gonna get you back so hard. You are ON," she wrote.

Uh-oh! You'd better watch out, Chris!

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