Taylor Swift Unites Cat Olivia Benson With 'Real-Life' Olivia Benson For the First Time

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"Nice to meet you, where you been?"

If cats could talk, that's likely what Taylor Swift's would say.

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Swift's famous feline, Olivia Benson, cozied up to actress Mariska Hargitay, who plays detective Olivia Benson on Law and Order: SVU, and it appears the two became fast friends. Sure, a treat never hurts -- nor does coming face-to-face with your namesake.

"This is Olivia Benson meeting Olivia Benson, and things are going well so far," Swift says as the two met backstage during T. Swift's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Tour1989 World Tour.

Hargitay joined Swift for her Philadelphia shows on Friday and Saturday, when the singer's "Bad Blood" co-star (alter ego: Justice) made an onstage cameo and assisted in carrying on Swift's mission to personally introduce the world to all of her friends.

"Everyone screamed so loud when Mariska came out during Style, I'm considering just taking her on tour with me," Swift wrote on Twitter, giving the actress her own fierce hashtag, #QueenMariska.

Though this was #QueenMariska's first time meeting Benson the cat, she's been admiring the cuddly kitty from afar for much longer. In fact, last year, Swift sent Hargitay her very own Olivia Benson cat collar!

This, of course, is just the beginning for the Bensons, who look so smitten together we can only imagine the happiest of friendship in their future -- and obviously more treats.

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Speaking of friends, check out Taylor gettin' down with Kim Kardashian in the video below. 

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