Hilary Duff Gushes About Her Son Luca: 'I Feel Like He Chose Me'

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Hilary Duff's new album Breathe In. Breathe Out. is out today, and ET caught up with the "Sparks" singer on Tuesday to talk about everything from her new music, her son Luca, to her highly publicized Tinder adventures.

Hilary, 27, is first and foremost a mother to her 3-year-old son, Luca, with her ex, Mike Comrie.

"I really feel like he chose me," the former Lizzie McGuire star gushes about her adorable son. "I feel really lucky just to watch him every day grow and become a little person with his own opinions and his own ideas. It's really beautiful to watch. He's the sweetest little spirit and we have so much fun. In bed at night, reading books, all the simple things are really the ones I cherish the most. He's so funny right now too ... it's a great age."

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Still, she admits she was nervous at first about having a baby boy.

"I was like, 'What am I gonna do with a boy?'" she laughs. "But now we roughhouse and wrestle, and it's the most fun, and I'm exhausted by, like, 8:30 every single night. ... You know, he's a big boy. I'm 5'2" so I'm kind of surprised I have such a big child."

As for her relationship with Luca's father, Hilary gets real about their current status. The two married in August 2010, and announced their split in January 2014.

"I wouldn't say we have a cordial relationship, I would say we have a really strong friendship and a lot of love for one another," she says bluntly. "We're a family, and we're always going to be a family."

As for finding a new love, despite trying her luck on Tinder, Hilary says she's not all that focused on dating right now.

"I'm so busy right now promoting this record and shooting the videos, and obviously being a mother is my number one job," she explains. "Tinder took up a lot of time! I swear it did. It's a riot, but also I did really meet a few normal people, and I go on dates, and it's nice, but I'm not super-focused on that."

One thing Hilary is focused on is working out, and obviously, it shows. "I train at a gym about three times a week, and I've been doing this new class that's a VersaClimber class and I'm obsessed with that," she reveals to ET about her regular routine. "I run, I do some yoga, I hike. I like to be outdoors and switch it up and not let my workouts get stale."

As for her new music, she explains why she's waited eight years since her last album, 2007's Dignity, to put out new music.

"I needed a break. I toured for four years and then I got busy with life stuff," she says. "I got married, and I had a baby, and I became a mother obviously. ... I think it was finally time to start making the record because I feel like I had stuff to say, stuff to share."

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Check out the video below to for more on Hilary's Tinder adventures.