Prince Harry Meets Michelle Obama for Tea Time at Kensington Palace

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Tea for two?

Prince Harry met with First Lady Michelle Obama at Kensington Palace on Tuesday for a cup of tea and a discussion about a number of issues important to both of them.

Kensington Palace shared that the duo discussed their support for veterans and their families. Prince Harry also wanted to learn about Obama's "Let Girls Learn" initiative, which is designed to further the education of adolescent girls around the world. 

The first lady is currently in England to speak about the importance of this initiative.

In addition to Obama, the 30-year-old prince was also kind enough to meet with her two daughters, Malia and Sasha, as well as her mother, Marian Robinson.

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Although she changed outfits for the prince, when Obama first arrived in London, she looked equally flawless in a yellow dress with light blue lace.

After her meeting with the royal, Obama continued to speak about her education initiative at a school in east London. She told the young ladies in attendance, many of whom came from a working-class background, "The world needs more girls like you growing up to lead our parliaments and our board rooms and our courtrooms and our universities. "We need you."

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And it's not just the girls that Obama addressed, as she revealed that she and Harry also talked about the important roles of men and boys with regards to girls' education. "He said it's important to have male voices at the table on this issue because oftentimes it's going to be the brother or the father in the community speaking up that is going to change the way a community responds," she said.

"Our sons are important. We love men, we all do. They're good, they're useful—I have one in my life," she joked about President Barack Obama and got some laughter from the crowd.

Michelle's visit comes after the United States and the United Kingdom launched "a nearly $200 million partnership to continue their collective support for adolescent girls' education," according to a statement from the Office of the Press Secretary.

Check out the video below to see what Michelle won't miss about being the first lady.

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