Imagine Dragons Visiting a 7-Year-Old Girl Waiting for a Heart Transplant Will Warm Your Soul


This is so moving.

This is so moving.

Seven-year-old Minnesota native Ireland Larson has been hospitalized since January with heart failure and is in Chicago awaiting a heart transplant.

Lucky for little Ireland, her favorite band Imagine Dragons took a break from their tour to pay her a visit after she posted an adorable video offering the band "five dollars and some candy" for seeing her in the hospital.

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The story behind how the magical meeting came to be is even more heartwarming. Ireland's mom, Kathleen Larson, explained the whole story to ETonline.

"We are from Minneapolis, but ended up moving to Chicago in April due to the fact that Ireland was in need of a new heart and our hospital did not perform heart transplants," she said. "Around 5 or so weeks ago, I just happened to mention to Ireland that I noticed Imagine Dragons were coming to Chicago to play a show, and she asked if we could go? Ireland has a chest tube and is on a variety of medications to help with her heart function until transplant, so going to see them in concert is not an option. She said 'Why don't we just ask them to come here?'"

While the chances were low, Kathleen decided to try, making this video of Ireland reaching out to the rock group, and asking friends and family to share it around.

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As luck would have it, the tour manager got in contact with Kathleen. Despite initially expecting only the tour manager to come, when she went down to greet them in the hospital lobby, the entire band was there. They all brought Ireland $5 dollars and candy like she had offered them in the video.


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"I was completely overwhelmed that they came (in a rainstorm, no security, checked in like anybody else, and had to wait to get approval to come onto the floor). Ireland screamed and was said she was going to cry when they walked in the door," said Kathleen, adding that Imagine Dragons was "lovely, kind, sweet and down to earth."

"They sat on the floor around Irelands bed and talked about princesses, the Little Mermaid and even watched a little bit of Frozen," Kathleen continued.

It was remarkable gesture for a little girl with big dreams. 


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"Ireland wants to be a world famous singer when she grows up and even when she was a toddler she has been obsessed with all different kinds of music and has loved singing and performing," said Kathleen. "It's really hard to be so young and have to go through all the things Ireland has had to go through(she has already had 3 open heart surgeries), and have a good understanding of what is ahead of her and what that means. I want my child to have the chance to grow up and become a world famous singer if she chooses or whatever else she may want to do."

We are in tears. You are remarkable, Ireland!

A fund has been set up to help Ireland and her family during this difficult time. You can click here on Ireland's giveforward page for more details, or download the song, "Send Me an Angel: Ireland's Song," the proceeds of which benefit Ireland's fund, on Amazon and iTunes. You can also keep up on Ireland's journey on her public Facebook page.

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