Why Riley Curry Is the Real MVP of the NBA Championship

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On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors beat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals, the first time in 40 years the Warriors have taken the title. Andre Iguodala (above right) was named MVP.

Warriors point guard Steph Curry was probably runner up for MVP:

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But we all know who the real MVP of the NBA finals is: 2-year-old Riley Curry.

And when we say, “we all know,” we’re including Riley in that. She knows it:

We should have recognized Riley was the real star of this show from game one, when she did this adorable victory dance:

But we didn’t. So she had to make it abundantly clear during a post-game press conference, when she told daddy to pipe down so she could talk with her fans:

We are not worthy. Yas, queen! Yaas!

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Some sports reporters who apparently didn’t notice that post-game press conferences are boring as hell didn’t appreciate Riley for the gift that she is and called her presence distracting and inappropriate. Riley did NOT care:

She upped her ante the second time around, performing a little Drake for us:

Drake gave her a shout out, because he knows it is us who are truly #blessed.

As for the reporters? Well, you haven’t made it until you have a few haters.

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Oh yeah, and she made a grown ass man hold her gum, because naturally:

So we salute you, Riley Curry, the real MVP of the NBA finals. Even though you slept through most of the games...

You never missed an opportunity to steal the spotlight.

We respect that.

Plus, when Steph Curry was asked about Riley, he said: “[She’s] always happy to see me when I get home and that kind of makes everything all right. I rarely ever have a bad day, regardless of what happens on the court.”

“It just gives you something more than basketball to kind of play and live for,” he added. “It’s pretty special. Obviously every father would say pretty much the same thing about what their daughter or son means to them and how they impact their life.”

And that’s super cute too.

The other star of the NBA championship was LeBron James’ penis, which ABC accidentally aired on live TV:

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